AGU Town Hall: Feedbacks and coupling Among Climate, Erosion and Tectonics during mountain building (FACET)

FACET Overview:

During the recent decades, the recognition that climatically modulated erosion acts to govern the geodynamic evolution of active mountain ranges is arguably one of the most transformative conceptual shifts in the geosciences subsequent to the plate tectonic revolution. Central to understanding the connection between climate and tectonics is the ability to quantitatively resolve the interactions among the different systems (i.e. the atmosphere, surface processes, and tectonics). Recent work applying these advanced techniques to understand connections between climate and tectonics has proved insightful. Despite significant progress, a number of challenges remain in understanding the directionality and strength of feedbacks between climate, tectonics and the growth of topography.


During FACT 1, held in Taipei, Taiwan, attendees recognized 3 Grand Challenges supported by reports from 6 working groups. FACET 2 will look more closely at the these challenges, broadening the participant list to better encompass the full spectrum of science surrounding climate, erosion and tectonics.

If this interests you, please come to the Town Hall — details below:

     Wednesday 6 to 8 PM
     Stanford Room
     Park Central Hotel San Francisco
     50 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA
     —> between Mission and Market, so 4-5 minute walk from Moscone

The agenda and abstracts for FACET 1 are available at:

US FACET organizing committee:
     Tim Byrne
     Jean Crespi
     Eric Kirby
     Chris Poulsen
     Brian Yanites
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