AGU Student Prize Winners 2016

Congratulations to all those that entered the GeoPRISMS Student Prize. Of all the quality entries, this page recognizes those that were most highly rated by the judges. Many of the outstanding presentations are available to download via the links from this page.

The GeoPRISMS Prize accepts international entries from any student who can establish a topical link between their research and a stated aim of a GeoPRISMS Program Initiative. To date, winners and honorable mentions have come from both the U.S. and abroad and have gone to around the same number of male and female entrants, and poster and oral presentations.

Thank you to the Judges and the students who entered, whose efforts allow the GeoPRISMS Student Prize to take place.

Poster Presentation Winner

Dan Rasmussen – LDEO, Columbia University

Run-up to the 1999 sub-plinian eruption of Shishaldin Volcano unveiled using petrologic and seismic approaches

Coauthors: Terry A. Plank, Diana C. Roman, Amanda C. Lough, Pete L. Stelling, Robert J. Bodnar, Erik H. Hauri

From the Judges: “Daniel gave a really terrific presentation and enthusiastically provided thoughtful answers to questions from audience around his poster” “true integrative combination of petrological, geochemical and geophysical data” “excellent presentation, with logical flow throughout, integrating many different types of observations to identify precursory signals in the run up to a well studied eruption”

I am honored to receive the GeoPRISMS student presentation award. GeoPRISMS is a fantastic program that brings together scientists from different disciplines, at all stages of their careers, to study the dynamic processes occurring at plate boundaries. I am grateful to be a part of this community.Dan

Oral Presentation Winner

Suzanne Birner – Stanford University

Records of upper mantle oxygen fugacity gleaned from high-density sampling of basalts and peridotites at ultraslow ridges

Coauthors: Elizabeth Cottrell, Jessica Warren, Katherine Kelley, Fred Davis

From the Judges:“Suzanne’s talk was polished and elegant” “She presented a geological mystery (the observation that ridge basalts tend to record higher fO2 than ridge peridotites) which she has resolved for rocks sampled at the Southwest Indian Ridge” “This was my favorite talk of the meeting!”

I’m honored to receive this recognition from GeoPRISMS! I very much appreciate everything GeoPRISMS does for the community, especially its dedication to helping students, and I look forward to further involvement with the GeoPRISMS community and related research in the future.Suzanne

Honorable Mention

Joshua Davis – Institute for Geophysics – UT Austin

Cold rocks make more melt: Numerical models of melt generation during continental extension

Coauthors: Luc Lavier

From the Judges:“Very organized and well-practiced talk” “Joshua was able to clearly explain the interesting and counterintuitive results of his research” “The rifting simulations were impressive and Joshua’s narration was seamless and confident.”

Thank you GeoPRISMS for this recognition. I’m honored to participate among this community and look forward to future collaborative efforts.Joshua

Honorable Mention

Helen Janiszewski – LDEO, Columbia University

Shoreline-crossing shear-velocity structure of the Juan de Fuca Plate and Cascadia Subduction Zone from surface waves and receiver functions

Coauthors: Jim Gaherty, Geoff Abers, Haiying Gao

From the Judges:“Helen is very knowledgable about her research” “The project represents an important and novel contribution to imaging the structure of Cascadia, integrating onshore and offshore observations” “She really knows her material and is very clearly aware of the strengths and weaknesses of her work”

I am honored to have my research recognized within the GeoPRISMS community. I am grateful to the organizers of this program for their support of student research, and look forward to continuing participation in GeoPRISMS research.Helen

Honorable Mention

Hannah Mark – MIT-WHOI Joint Program

Seismic coupling at divergent plate boundaries from rate-and-state friction models

Coauthors: Mark Behn, Jean-Arthur Olive, Yajing Liu

From the Judges: “Extremely well constructed and delivered presentation” “Elegant explanation of the basis of this modeling study and the overall controls on seismic coupling” “[…] findings have implications for fault behavior associated with continental rifting”

I am honored to have my work recognized by GeoPRISMS, and I appreciate the great opportunities offered by the program for young scientists to participate. There’s so much interesting science that can be tackled in a multi-disciplinary community like this one, and I’m excited to see what new insights on plate boundary processes will come out of the next few years of research.Hannah

Honorable Mention

Sarah Jaye Oliva – Tulane University

Deciphering the role of fluids in early stage rifting from full moment tensor inversion of East African earthquakes

Coauthors: Cindy J. Ebinger, Steven W. Roecker, Derek B. Keir, Donna J. Shillington, Patrick Chindandali

From the Judges: “Sarah did a really nice job of explaining her work. It was also great to see how well she understood her methodology, and how much she is thinking about how to improve the work via more robust discussion of errors” “Sarah is very smart, explains her research extremely well and thinks “outside the box” for her interpretations” “Nice analysis and presentation of poster”.

I’m pleasantly surprised and honored to be recognized and I’m very thankful for the sense of community and the support that GeoPRISMS provides, especially to junior scientists like myself. I look forward to taking part in this community!Sarah

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