AGU Student Prize Winners 2019

Congratulations to all those that entered the GeoPRISMS Student Prize. Of all the quality entries, this page recognizes those that were most highly rated by the judges. Many of the outstanding presentations are available to download via the links from this page.

The GeoPRISMS Prize accepts international entries from any student who can establish a topical link between their research and a stated aim of a GeoPRISMS Program Initiative. To date, winners and honorable mentions have come from both the U.S. and abroad and have gone to around the same number of male and female entrants, and poster and oral presentations.

Thank you to the Judges and the students who entered, whose efforts allow the GeoPRISMS Student Prize to take place.

Poster Presentation Winner

Kayleigh Harvey – University of Maryland

Constraining the temperature conditions of paleo-subduction plate interfaces, Part I: Petrologic case study of the Rio San Juan Complex (Dominican Republic)

Coauthor: B. Dragovic, S. Penniston-Dorland, I. Wada, X. Zhou, P. van Keken, R. Bodnar

From the Judges: “very clear presentation, a nicely laid-out poster, and interesting results with a clear set of questions raised for future work. She was concise and organized in her presentation “”well spoken and knowledgable about their subject material, calm with presenting the science”

I cannot begin to express how humbled and grateful I am to have received the GeoPRISMS best student poster award. GeoPRISMS’s continued dedication to fostering both interdisciplinary science and student research will remain a hallmark of its legacy. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had to engage with this community, and I look forward to participating in future initiatives and programs.Kayleigh

Oral Presentation Winner

Hannah Tilley – University of Hawai’i

3D seismic investigation of sedimentation and deformation in the Tuaheni Basin, Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand

Coauthors: G.F. Moore, S. Han, N.L. Bangs, R. Arai, P. Barnes and the NZ3D Team

From the Judges:“one of the best subduction zone talks at the AGU meeting this year””Hannah is an excellent speaker and it was easy to follow her talk. clear slides carefully prepared with just enough and not too much information. Hannah’s talk centered on an amazing new 3D seismic reflection data set collected on the Hikurangi Margin of New Zealand, with a focus on the structure of the Tuaheni Basin. This is an immense and complicated data set and Hannah excellently interpreted the main features while tying in the interpretation with data from nearby wells and past studies. Overall a winning presentation and a stellar GeoPRISMs student.”

I am pleasantly surprised and very grateful to receive this GeoPRISMS award. I am very thankful for the GeoPRISMS community and the opportunities it has given me as a student. I look forward to being involved in research that builds upon the GeoPRISMS legacy and the great work that has come out of this program.Hannah

Honorable Mention

Christine Chesley – LDEO Columbia University

Mapping the along-strike fluid distribution of the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand using marine electromagnetic methods

Coauthors: S. Naif, K. Key

From the Judges:“This was one of the clearest, most coherent presentations of all the student presentations I attended. It was well motivated, data collection, analysis, and interpretation were well described, and the conclusions were well supported by the presentation. Nicely done.””Christine did a great job presenting the result. The presentation was visually very clear and verbally informative. She effectively kept eye contact with the audience. I enjoyed hearing her talk.”

Since I started grad school, GeoPRISMS has been a welcoming, collaborative, and scientifically-stimulating community that I’ve looked forward to participating in. I am truly elated to have received this recognition for work that I feel so passionately about and that is relevant to the very program that helped birth it. The necessity of programs like GeoPRISMS that encourage and support early-career scientists cannot be overstated!Christine

Honorable Mention

Ricardo Garza-Giron – UC Santa Cruz

Hidden earthquakes as a tool to conduit evolution during an explosive eruption

Coauthors: E. Brodsky, Z. Spica, M. Haney

From the Judges:“Ricardo knows how to present. He drew us in with a great set-up and guided us through his results in a way that we all reached his conclusions together. Excellent use of pug imagery. His command on his science is clear. The slides were clean, the thinking logical, and the conclusions impactful. The text was concise and to the point. He did a great job with the questions.”

Thank you very much to the judges and the GeoPRISMS community for recognizing the work that me and my collaborators have done. I am humbled to be chosen for an honorific mention among so many talented students and I look forward to seeing more of the amazing science that comes out of this great community. There is still a lot more to do, and I cannot see a better way forward than working together!Ricky

Honorable Mention

Caroline Seyler – McGill University

Fracture energy of Cascadia input sediments integrated into a global compilation

Coauthors: J.D. Kirkpatrick, H.M. Savage, T. Hirose, D. Faulkner

From the Judges: “Caroline presented a well-motivated story for her study. Her introduction framed a broader scientific question, and zoomed in to show how she was going to address it with her work. She had compelling, nicely designed plots to support her results, and made compelling interpretations to address her original question. Caroline demonstrated breadth in her presentation of her poster, and through questioning, showed she has a strong understanding of her method, scientific question, study, and broader field.”

I’m so grateful to have my research recognized by GeoPRISMS. I appreciate all the work done by the organizers and judges of this program, and I’m looking forward to future involvement with the GeoPRISMS communityCaroline

Honorable Mention

Andrew Gase – UT Austin

Subduction of rough seafloor facilitates sediment underplating beneath a low velocity prism

Coauthors: N. Bangs, H. Van Avendonk, T. Luckie, D. Barker, D. Bassett, K. Jacobs, D. Okaya, S. Henrys, S. Kodaira, G. Fujie, Y. Yamamoto, A. Arnulf, L. Wallace, D. Saffer

From the Judges: “Andrew is using high-quality seismic data to study the potential structural control on the generation of slow-slip events at the Hikurangi margin. He is knowledgable about his research and can answer questions effectively.”

It is an honor to receive this recognition. Thank you to the judges and all who support GeoPRISMS programs for students!Andrew

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