Upcoming meetings

2019 Theoretical and Experimental Institute on Synthesis & Integration | February 27- March 01, 2019 • San Antonio, TX

The 2019 GeoPRISMS Theoretical and Experimental Institute (TEI) will represent an opportunity for our community to synthesize results from the Rift Initiation and Evolution Initiative (RIE) and the Subduction Cycles & Deformation Initiative (SCD). During this meeting we will evaluate what has been accomplished so far in all GeoPRISMS themes and primary sites, and what gaps still need to be filled in the last years of the decadal program. We will also try to identify emerging new opportunities and to develop new research directions for our community after the end of the GeoPRISMS Program. The three-day meeting will be preceded by an Early-Career Investigator symposium on Tuesday February 26.

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In the first three years of the GeoPRISMS Program, significant effort was put into organizing the Science Implementation and Site Planning Workshops. In the second three-year period the GeoPRISMS Office organized a Theoretical and Experimental Institute (TEI) for the SCD Initiative. This meeting focused on intermediate synthesis of SCD. A TEI focusing of the Rift Initiative was held in February of 2017.