2015 GeoPRISMS review

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i. Foreword
ii. Table of Contents
iii. List of Acronyms

0. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction – GeoPRISMS objectives, goals and approach
1.2 GeoPRISMS history
1.3 Initiative structure and primary sites
1.4 Summary of funding and achievements since last review
1.5 Community building
1.6 Justification for a standalone program

2.1 Original goals
2.2 Major accomplishments
2.2.1 Incoming plate and shallow forearc
2.2.2 The Seismogenic Zone
2.2.3 Slab processes
2.2.4 Mantle wedge and arc crust

2.3 Thematic studies
2.4 Summary of progress to date and future directions

3.1 Original Goals
3.2 Major accomplishments
3.2.1 East North American Margin
3.2.2 East African Rift System
3.2.3 Thematic studies

3.3 Summary of progress to date and future directions

4.1 Funding and management structure
4.2 GeoPRISMS Office activities
4.3 Data management

5.1 Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP)
5.2 MARGINS mini-lessons
5.3 Student and Postdoc opportunities

6.1 Building an interdisciplinary GeoPRISMS community
6.2 International collaborations
6.3 Relationship to facilities and other programs
6.4 Geohazards and GeoPRISMS
6.5 Energy and economic resources
6.6 Human resource development and outreach to local communities

7. Summary and Outlook


A1. List of funded projects in GeoPRISMS and MARGINS
A2. List of references cited
A3. List of publications that are directly funded through GeoPRISMS
A4. List of publications since last review (2009-) that are directly funded through MARGINS
A5. List of MSC and GSOC members
A6. All awardees and runners up for best student presentation
A7. Agenda of the Spring 2015 GSOC meeting
A8. Response to questions by NSF to GSOC March 2015
A9. MARGINS and GeoPRISMS DLP Speakers
A10. MARGINS and GeoPRISMS data policies

B1. GeoPRISMS-funded Research Nuggets
B2. MARGINS-funded Research Nuggets
B3. GeoPRISMS-related Research Nuggets