DLP Application Form 2018-2019

Application now closed. Contact the GeoPRISMS office if you have any questions.

Application deadline: July 1, 2018

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Instructions: Please provide as much of the information requested as possible below, and be sure to carefully read the Best Practices document.

If you have difficulty submitting this form, please contact the GeoPRISMS Office. Due to the large number of requests for DLP speakers, and the limited number of engagements each DLP speaker can undertake, not all applications can be fullfilled, nor can all first choices of speaker. Please provide as much information below as possible to ensure your institution has the best chance of receiving a speaker. Upon completion and submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation email containing your responses for your records.

Section 1. Host Contact Information

Please provide all the information indicated below. Please note that this section is required.

Section 2. Institution Information

Please tell us about your institution: its faculty, staff, students, and expected lecture attendance. Please note that this section is required.

Please give us an idea of the size of your department or institution. These fields are optional.

Section 3. Speaker Request

Please select your first and second choice of speakers and indicate the presentation(s) you would like them to deliver (public vs. technical talk). Please note that your first choice may not be available.

* Please note that first choice may not be available

Section 4. Lecture Scheduling

Please tell us about your institution's ideal schedule. It is helpful for us to know both periods of availability and unavailability. This section is optional.

Please indicate up to three preferred time periods when you would like a DLP speaker to visit and present. Please provide the start and end dates for each preferred period. Note that the preferred period may not be fullfilled.

Please indicate up to three periods of time when your institution would prefer not to host a Distinguished speaker. Please indicate start and end dates of non-preferred periods.

Section 5. Other Information

Please let us know a little bit more about your application. This section is optional.

Section 6. Acknowledgements and Submission

Please read the following statements fully and with care. You must agree to them all to submit your application to host a DLP speaker. If you have any questions about these conditions, please contact the GeoPRISMS Office. Please note that this section is required.