New NSF CoPe opportunities

The GeoPRISMS Program Directors would like to remind the community about a new Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) relating to Coastlines & People, or CoPe. This is an opportunity for a range of scientists, including those who study tectonic hazards that impact cities on coastlines. Please consider taking advantage of this!

Through CoPe, NSF is interested in supporting projects to build capacity and explore research focused on understanding the impacts of coastal environmental variability and natural hazards on populated coastal regions. This DCL announces opportunities for RCNs, EAGERs, Conferences, and INTERN supplements. CoPe projects should explore the complex interface between coastal natural processes, geohazards, people and their natural and built environments. CoPe will include coastal variability and hazards on a range of spatial and temporal scales, from local to global and seconds to millenia to put current changes in context of pre-anthropogenic changes.

Questions can be directed to