NSF/EAR Division Director search

The National Science Foundation is seeking a Division Director for Earth Sciences (EAR) in the Geosciences Directorate. The job announcement is out for either permanent or rotating positions, and currently closes on August 29:


This is an extremely important job for not just NSF, but for our scientific community. We are hoping to attract a very diverse pool of highly qualified candidates, and encourage you to consider this potential opportunity to serve as the leader of the EAR Division at NSF.

If this opportunity does not fit your current professional or personal situation, but you have recommendations of colleagues whom you believe would be strong candidates, please encourage them to apply. We also encourage you to pass along your recommendations to the search committee, and we will contact candidates directly.

Please note that the federal employment application process is different than those in academia, therefore in addition to your resume and general application, you will need to provide a written narrative to address both the Executive Qualifications and Professional/Technical Qualifications as outlined in the application materials. Please get in touch with any member of the search committee if you’d like advice about this part!

Co-Chairs: Kelly K. Falkner (kfalkner@nsf.gov) and Dena M. Smith (dmsmith@nsf.gov)

Thank you for any assistance you can provide us in ensuring that NSF selects the most highly skilled and visionary leaders.