GeoPRISMS AGU Townhall and Student Forum

Westin Canal Place, Riverbend Terrace
100 rue Iberville New Orleans, LA 70130
Monday, Dec. 11, 6:00-9:00 PM

The event is open to all with interests in the GeoPRISMS Program and GeoPRISMS (or MARGINS) research. Come hear updates about the GeoPRISMS Program, the latest GeoPRISMS research projects & study areas, and ongoing GeoPRISMS research from student presenters.

* A short formal session (starting at 6:30PM) will include a welcome and opening remarks from the GeoPRISMS Chair Demian Saffer and updates from NSF Program Director Jenn Wade.
* Luc Lavier (UT Austin) will provide a summary of the Theoretical and Experimental Institute for the Rift Initiation and Evolution Initiative that was held in February 2017.
* Aubreya Adams (Colgate University) and Emily Roland (University of Washington) will present a summary of the Amphibious Array Community Seismic Experiment (AACSE) Project and Mini-Workshop held the Sunday before AGU.
* Colton Lynner (University of Arizona) will provide a summary of the ENAM Mini-Workshop held the Sunday before AGU.
* Andrew Goodwillie (LDEO, Columbia University) will provide a summary of the GeoPRISMS Data Resources Mini-Worshop held the Sunday before AGU.
* Terry Plank (LDEO, Columbia University) will provide a status report and update of the SZ4D initiative.

Students, welcome!

Student entrants for the GeoPRISMS Prize for Outstanding Student Presentations are also invited to display their AGU posters (or poster versions of their AGU talks) and discuss their research with event participants. This will be a great opportunity for students to share their results further and to interact with a wide spectrum of GeoPRISMS scientists.

Stay informed, get involved

There will be ample time to mingle and refreshments will be available. Among those present will be Demian Saffer (GeoPRISMS Chair), members of the GeoPRISMS Steering and Oversight Committee, and Program Directors for GeoPRISMS from the National Science Foundation.

 icon-chevron-right more information about the Student Prize Competition, Mini-Workshops, and GeoPRISMS sessions of interest.