AGU Student Prize Winners 2015

Congratulations to all those that entered the GeoPRISMS Student Prize. Of all the quality entries, this page recognizes those that were most highly rated by the judges. Many of the outstanding presentations are available to download via the links from this page.

The GeoPRISMS Prize accepts international entries from any student who can establish a topical link between their research and a stated aim of a GeoPRISMS Program Initiative. To date, winners and honorable mentions have come from both the U.S. and abroad and have gone to around the same number of male and female entrants, and poster and oral presentations.

Thank you to the Judges and the students who entered, whose efforts allow the GeoPRISMS Student Prize to take place.

Poster Presentation Winner

Zach Eilon – Columbia University

Seismic attenuation of teleseismic body waves in Cascadia, measured on the Amphibious Array

Coauthors: Geoffrey A. Abers

From the Judges: “Zach was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable” “I was impressed by the quality of figures, organization of the information and general presentation” “Very clear presentation”

I am very honored to have had my work selected from among all the fantastic research conducted within the GeoPRISMS community. I am thrilled that GeoPRISMS is so active in supporting and elevating the contributions of junior scientists and I am grateful to the community leaders who facilitate the program. I look forward to continuing fruitful research on the interesting margins of plates!Zach

Oral Presentation Winner

Allison Rubin – UC Davis

Constraining timescales of pre-eruptive events within large silicic volcanic centers

Coauthors: Kari M. Cooper, Adam JR Kent, Christy Till, Fidel Costa Rodriguez

From the Judges:“Excellent talk” “Clear, confident and professional presentation” “The speaker exhibited strong presence and maturity”

I am honored to have my work recognized by the GeoPRISMS community, and grateful for their efforts to support student research.Allison

Honorable Mention

Joel Edwards – UC Santa Cruz

Record of subducting topography revealed in 3D seismic imaging of Pleistocene unconformities, offshore Southern Costa Rica

Coauthors: Jared Kluenser, Eli Silver

From the Judges:“Fantastic talk” “His interpretation of the 3D MCS data was very exciting” “The research presented was thorough, sophisticated and presented in a logical manner”

I am certainly surprised by this award and really appreciate it. More importantly, I appreciate GeoPRISMS and the newfound community. There is loads of great science ongoing, and I look forward to joining in on the fun.Joel

Honorable Mention

Helen Janiszewski – Columbia University

Surface-wave imaging of the Juan de Fuca Plate and Cascadia Subduction Zone

Coauthors: Jim Gaherty, Geoff Abers

From the Judges:“Very nice talk!” “Slides were extremely comprehensible and logically ordered” “Presentation was clear, organized, and well illustrated”

I am deeply honored to have my work recognized, and I am grateful for the student opportunities that GeoPRISMS provides. I look forward to continuing research within this community in the future.Helen

Honorable Mention

Dylan Meyer – The University of Texas at Austin

Methane hydrate formation in a saturated, coarse-grained sample through the induction of a propagating gas front

Coauthors: Kehua You, Taylor Borgfeldt, Peter Flemings, David DiCarlo, Timothy Kneafsey

From the Judges: “Dylan did a fantastic job presenting his poster” “Clearly explained the motivation, background, experiment design, results, and the importance of the study” “I learnt a lot about methane hydrates and how they form!”

It is a honor and privilege to have GeoPRISMS recognize the research I presented at the AGU 2015 Fall Meeting! I appreciated the opportunity to convey my research to this community and I continue to hold GeoPRISMS and the work it performs in high esteem.Dylan

Honorable Mention

Maureen Walton – The University of Texas at Austin

Revisiting the 1899 earthquakes of Yakutat Bay, Alaska using new and existing geophysical data

Coauthors: Sean Gulick, Peter Haeussler

From the Judges: “Maureen did an excellent job communicating the context and significance of the work” “Excellent poster” “Clearly enthusiastic about the work” .

I am very grateful to be recognized among such a talented group of young, involved scientists. Thanks to the GeoPRISMS community for supporting my work and student research in general. I look forward to ongoing involvement with GeoPRISMS science.Maureen

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