AGU Student Prize Winners 2010

Congratulations to all those that entered the GeoPRISMS Student Prize. Of all the quality entries, this page recognizes those that were most highly rated by the judges. Many of the outstanding presentations are available to download via the links from this page.

The GeoPRISMS Prize accepts international entries from any student who can establish a topical link between their research and a stated aim of a GeoPRISMS Program Initiative. To date, winners and honorable mentions have come from both the U.S. and abroad and have gone to around the same number of male and female entrants, and poster and oral presentations.

Thank you to the Judges and the students who entered, whose efforts allow the GeoPRISMS Student Prize to take place. We are also grateful to AGU for their cooperation and assistance with logistics before, during, and after the meeting.

Poster Presentation Winner

Kristin Morell – Penn State

Rock uplift and transient landscape development in response to subduction of the Cocos Ridge, Central American Volcanic Arc

Coauthors: Eric Kirby, Donald Fisher, Matthijs Van Soest

From the Judges: “Nicely organized presentation about a topic of great regional interest.”

I am honored to receive this award from GeoPRISMS.  I have benefited greatly from the opportunities the MARGINS/GeoPRISMS programs have made possible for me as a graduate student, and I look forward to participating in the program in the future.Kristin

Oral Presentation Winner

Linda Chernak – Brown University

Experimental Deformation of Dehydrating Antigorite: Challenging Models of Dehydration Embrittlement

Coauthors: Greg Hirth

From the Judges:“Exciting results presented clearly, succinctly, and by somebody who clearly has deep understanding of their implications.”

I am extremely grateful that my research has been recognized by GeoPRISMS!  It is truly an honor to receive an award from a community of such excellent researchers and I am thankful that GeoPRISMS is so supportive of student research.Linda

Honorable Mention

MaryJo Brounce – University of Rhode Island

Variations in Fe oxidation state at arc volcanoes driven by degassing and crystallization

Coauthors: Katherine Kelley, Elizabeth Cottrell

From the Judges:“Excellent and difficult science” “Cutting edge” “First order discovery” “Excelent understanding and presentation” “Vivacious personal presence”

I am honored to have received distinction from the GeoPRISMS community and look forward to continuing as a member of the GeoPRISMS community. I appreciate the initiative that GeoPRISMS has taken to promote student research and to encourage excellence in communication.MaryJo

Honorable Mention

Nathaniel Miller – MIT/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Growth of Sediment Diapirs in Subduction Zones

Coauthors: Mark D. Behn

From the Judges:“Exciting science, very innovative approach to the problem, has clearly mastered the complexities of the modeling and understands the nuances of interpretation” “Well presented.”

I am honored to be recognized by the GeoPRISMS community. As a student, the encouragement I have received from first MARGINS and now GeoPRISMS researchers as been very encouraging. I am excited to be a part of this group and, going forward, motivated to continue to work on expanding our understanding of processes at margins.Nathaniel

Honorable Mention

Erin Todd – UC Santa Cruz

The Same Variably Enriched Mantle Wedge in the SW Pacific from Arc Birth to Death 

Coauthors: James B. Gill

From the Judges:“Outstanding passion, maturity, and knowledge.”

I am very honored that research I presented at AGU has received recognition from GeoPRISMS. Participation in the MARGINS community has been a richly rewarding experience for graduate students like myself, in the early stages our careers, and I look forward to continuing research related to the successor program for many years to come.Erin

Honorable Mention

Tamara Worzewski, IFM-GEOMAR

The Cycle of Hydration and Fluid Release in the Costa Rican Subduction Zone imaged through electromagnetic soundings: Where has all the water gone? 

Coauthors: Marion Jegen, Heidrun Kopp, Heinrich Brasse, Waldo Taylor

From the Judges:“Very original, engaging presentation on a innovative method for exploring subduction zones”  “Presenter owned the project”

With all the excellent GeoPRISMS presentations, I am thrilled to have been awarded a Honorable Mention. It is a great honour that the presentation by my collaborators and me received this recognition – thank you so much!Tamara

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