AGU Student Prize Winners 2011

Congratulations to all those that entered the GeoPRISMS Student Prize. Of all the quality entries, this page recognizes those that were most highly rated by the judges. Many of the outstanding presentations are available to download via the links from this page.

The GeoPRISMS Prize accepts international entries from any student who can establish a topical link between their research and a stated aim of a GeoPRISMS Program Initiative. To date, winners and honorable mentions have come from both the U.S. and abroad and have gone to around the same number of male and female entrants, and poster and oral presentations.

Thank you to the Judges and the students who entered, whose efforts allow the GeoPRISMS Student Prize to take place. We are also grateful to AGU for their cooperation and assistance with logistics before, during, and after the meeting.

Poster Presentation Winner

Manahloh Belachew – University of Rochester

Timing and dynamics of dike intrusions in Afar, Ethiopia: Faulting above dikes

Coauthors: Cindy Ebinger, Dustin Cote

From the Judges: “Demonstrated mastery of background, technique, and interpretation of seismic activity associated with dike emplacement in the East Africa Rift”

It is an honor that the presentation by my collaborators and me received this recognition from an outstanding community of earth scientists among the many excellent GeoPRISMS-related presentations at AGU. I look forward to continuing my research on GeoPRISMS related initiatives – Thank you!Manahloh

Oral Presentation Winner

Christie Regalla – Penn State University

An alternative mechanism for forearc subsidence along the Northeast Japan erosive margin?

Coauthors: Donald Fisher, Kevin Furlong, Eric Kirby

From the Judges: “Christine’s talk was well-delivered and well-structured”  “She smoothly presented her data, results, conclusions, and the significance of her results”

I am very honored and excited to be recognized by GeoPRISMS for this award.  The MARGINS/ GeoPRISMS community consists of an outstanding group of researchers and I have had positive, encouraging interactions with its members.  I am grateful that they continue to support student research and encourage the scientific development of its newer members. Christie

Honorable Mention

Brett Carpenter – Penn State University

Mineralogical Controls of Fault Healing in Natural and Simulated Gouges with Implications for Fault Zone Processes and the Seismic Cycle

Coauthors: Matt Ikari, Chris Marone

From the Judges: “The significance of this work is very high” “The student provided very detailed and thorough explanations and handled questions very effectively”

I am delighted and honored to receive recognition from the GeoPRISMS community. I want to commend GeoPRISMS by taking the initiative to promote and reward outstanding student research. I am happy to be part of the GeoPRISMS community as it has been rewarding and helpful for young scientists, like me, looking to promote and discuss their research.Brett

Honorable Mention

Jamie Howarth – University of Otago

Reconstructing earthquake-driven erosion in the Southern Alps, New Zealand using the sedimentary record

Coauthors: Sean Fitzsimons, Richard Norris, Geraldine Jacobsen,  Delia Strong

From the Judges: “Excellent poster and presentation in all respects’ “Presenter shows a strong command of knowledge and extensive breadth in research” “Excellent discussion”

I am honoured to have my research recognised by the GeoPRISMS community. I appreciate the efforts made by GeoPRISMS to promote and encourage graduate research and I look forward to working within the GeoPRISMS community in the future.Jamie

Honorable Mention

Jean-Arthur Olive – MIT

Evidence for Trench-normal Flow Beneath the Western Hellenic Slab from Shear-wave Splitting Analysis 

Coauthors:  Stephane Rondenay, Frederick Pearce

From the Judges: “Impressive depth of knowledge, focus on undersatnding observations and integration of data from other studies to provide and original interpretation” “Very rigorous” “It was outstanding”

I am very happy and grateful that our research has been recognized by GeoPRISMS.I truly appreciate the way this program brings together geodynamicists, seismologists and geochemists, and look forward to exciting new findings on plate-boundary processes.Jean-Arthur

Honorable Mention

Gemma Smith – National Oceanography Center

Fault structure, properties and activity of the Makran Accretionary Prism and implications for seismogenic potential

Coauthors: Lisa McNeill, Timothy J Henstock, Jon Bull

From the Judges: “Best student talk I saw at the meeting”  “Quite impressed with her presentation, thoughtful suggestions, and knowledge of the field”

I feel very honoured to be recognised by GeoPRISMS in this way. Thank you for supporting student research!Gemma

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