GeoPRISMS Photo Contest 2015 – Taryn Bye

During the summer of 2015, Oregon State University deployed field technicians for the iMUSH magnetotelluric (MT) project in the areas between Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams. Esteban Bowles-Martinez led the technicians, and can be observed in this photo, setting up MT equipment. This equipment includes a ZEN, two batteries, three induction coil magnetometers (mags), four electrodes, and quite a bit of wires. One of the mags is shown in its case, while the other two were already buried. The white box next to Esteban is the acquisition system known as a ZEN, and it’s what was used to record the MT measurements for 150 sites. Photo credit: Taryn Bye (Oregon State University)

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