Reimbursement Information

Thank you for your participation in the GeoPRISMS Program. If you are filing a reimbursement, or need help with a reimbursement request, you’ll find the information below useful.

Claim a reimbursement

If you have recently attended a GeoPRISMS sponsored or co-sponsored event, or have been traveling on behalf of the GeoPRISMS Program, and were offered reimbursement for some or all of your expenses, you can claim your reimbursement as follows:

1. Download and complete the reimbursement form (pdf, 1.1Mb)

2. Mail the complete, signed form, and original itemized receipts to:

3. If you have any questions, contact: info<at>

Need help?

If your reimbursement has been delayed or you need assistance completing, please email info<at>

GeoPRISMS Office processes a large number of reimbursements and our office is only one part of the reimbursement process. We will do everything in our power to promptly take care of your reimbursement, but not all steps of the process are under our control. When your reimbursement is delayed, contact the GeoPRISMS Office and we will track it down and try to estimate how much longer you’ll need to wait.

As an NSF-funded organization, the GeoPRISMS Program is bound by NSF regulations regarding what is and is not a legitimate expense. Primarily, this means that no alcohol may be purchased with GeoPRISMS Funding (and thus cannot be reimbursed), and that most flights must be booked on a US flag carrier (see the NSF regulations). For a complete index of the NSF expenditure guidelines, consult this guide on the NSF website.