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The updated version of the GeoPRISMS Implementation Plan is now available

The final version of the Implementation Plan can be downloaded at the following site:

http://www.geoprisms.org/science-plan.html (Select the "Implementation Plan" tab)

The full document can be downloaded in pdf format. The updated New Zealand section, as well as Alaska, Cascadia, Eastern North America (ENAM), and East African Rift System (EARS) sections, also can be downloaded as separate pdfs, as can the revised appendices: A- IP Writing Team, B - IP Workshops, and C - IP Update history.


Cascadia Initiative Dear Colleague Letter Updated (Dec 19, 2013)

The National Science Foundation has released an updated "Dear Colleague Letter: Clarification of the proposal submission process for the Cascadia Initiative (CI)".  This letter outlines the types of proposals that will be considered for the EarthScope-GeoPRISMS Cascadia Initiative, and their associated deadlines.  The Cascadia Initiative is a joint program between EarthScope and GeoPRISMS/MARGINS for the study of the Cascadia margin of the Pacific Northwest.


The Revised GeoPRISMS Solicitation is Available!

NSF has released the new GeoPRISMS solicitation! with important providing important instructions regarding "Continued Community Input and Phased Funding Model". Please review before submitting your next proposal for the GeoPRISMS Program on July 1, 2014.


The MARGINS Website still exists

The MARGINS website will continue to exist, providing an archival record of more than 10 years of great science, education, and outreach activities.

The new GeoPRISMS website will be updated incrementally over the next months to years, serving as a community resource about the GeoPRISMS Program, research, funding, education and outreach, and so much more. Check back often for updates.


Seeking GeoPRISMS research updates

In addition, we are eager to add more to the site, in particular, news and updates about your research, publications, and other activities. If you have something you would like to share with the GeoPRISMS community, please contact us


And in general, we just look forward to hearing from YOU!