Education & Outreach

A driving principle of GeoPRISMS, and MARGINS before it, is the strong integration of science, education, and outreach. This is manifest through existing programs including the development and archiving of MARGINS Mini-Lessons, the Distinguished Lectureship Program, the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, the AGU Oustanding Student Prize competition, and the AGU Community and Student Forum.

There are also numerous opportunities for enhancing the education and outreach components in the new GeoPRISMS Program, as outlined in the GeoPRISMS Science Plan. Implementation of existing education and outreach components and development of new programs through the GeoPRISMS Office are ably guided by the GeoPRISMS Education Advisory Committee (GEAC).

GeoPRISMS proposers can also contribute to the education and outreach components of the GeoPRISMS Program through the Broader Impacts section of their proposals. Here are some ideas about how to enhance your broader impacts.

Liz Cottrell and her team exploring volcanoes in the Western Aleutian Islands during the GeoPRISMS-sponsored 2015 summer field campaign to the Aleutians.

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GSA TODAY Volume 28 Issue 2 (February 2018) | Twenty Years of Subduction Zone Science: Subduction Top to Bottom 2 (ST2B-2)

G.E. Bebout, D.W. Scholl, R.J. Stern, L.M. Wallace, P. Agard


Geologic Events Providing Teachable Moments