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grace_beaudoinGrace Beaudoin | University of Texas at Austin


  • B.A. Geology, University of California at Berkeley

I intend to investigate volatile loss and geochemical cycling within subduction zones during prograde metamorphism, focusing primarily on Cl, F, I, and Br.

kirkland_broadwellKirkland Broadwell | Virginia Tech


  • B.S. Geology from William & Mary (2013)

Constrain the conditions, rates, and absolute timing of fluid release in subduction zones via metamorphic reactions.

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gabe-epsteinGabe Epstein | Lehigh University


  • B.Sc. in Geology from the University of British Columbia. 2013
  • Research Volunteer, USGS, GMEG, Flagstaff, AZ 2014-present

Use stable isotope systematics (C,O,N), microscopy, detailed field work, and other methods to determine fluid pathways within and near subduction zone interfaces. Assess the extent to which deformation, metamorphic grade, and bulk rock composition control fluid flow from the thin-section to the regional scale.

will_hooverWill Hoover | University of Maryland


  • BA in Geology from Oberlin College

My focus as part of the EFIRE project will be on in situ analysis of Li, B, Ba and Li isotopes in mineral zones to constrain fluid timing and source. As part of this, I will be working to develop standards for correcting in situ Li isotope measurements. I am also interested in comparing Li isotope zoning to O isotope zoning to explore the effect of contrasting diffusion rates on the isotopic zoning record of fluid movement.

buchanan_kerswellBuchanan Kerswell | Boise State University


(or alternatively: buchanankerswell@u.boisestate.edu)

  • B.Sc. Utah Valley University (June 2015)


kirsty_mckenzieKirsty McKenzie | Penn State University


  • BSc (Honours) Geology from the University of St Andrews

I will be investigating how U and Th are geochemically processed during subduction by characterising the elemental and isotopic inventories of U, Th and Pb within the subducted slab and mantle wedge. This research has direct implications for Earth’s Pb isotopic evolution and for the understanding of U, Th and Pb cycling through Earth’s reservoirs.

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ryan_stoner-cc7Ryan Stoner | University of California, Santa Barbara


  • B.A. University of Colorado Boulder

Alpine geochronology and petrology

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paul_starrPaul Starr | Boston College (starting January 2017)


  • BSc: Oxford University (UK)
  • MSci: Oxford University (UK)
  • PhD: University of Calgary (Canada)

My project is centered around using Sm-Nd garnet geochronology to investigate subduction zone processes recorded by the high-pressure metamorphic complexes of the Western Alps. This will involve combining TIMS-based garnet geochronology with fieldwork, SEM and EPMA analysis, equilibrium thermodynamic modelling and other geochemical techniques such as trace element and isotope analysis.

besim_dragovicBesim Dragovic | Boise State University


  • B.A. Earth Sciences, Boston University, 1999
  • M.S. Geological Sciences, University of Connecticut, 2003
  • Ph.D. Earth Sciences, Boston University, 2013

Stable isotopes studies on the nature and scale of fluid flow at the subduction interface

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US Senior Personnel

Jaime Barnes | University of Texas at Austin

Associate Professor

jdbarnes (at) jsg.utexas.edu

Research interests: My research interests encompass a broad spectrum of geochemistry, including stable isotope geochemistry, volatile cycling, metamorphism and volatile transport in subduction zones, serpentinization, and fluid-rock interactions and metasomatism in the high-T environment. Most of my research involves using stable isotopes as a geochemical tracer of fluids in various tectonic settings.

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icon-chevron-right http://www.jsg.utexas.edu/light-isotope/

Gray BeboutGray E. Bebout | Lehigh University


geb0 (at) lehigh.edu

Research interests: I consider the cycling of volatiles among the major Earth reservoirs (atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere), with emphasis on understanding the metamorphic pathways affecting this flux. I explore the intriguing behavior of nitrogen and its utility in tracing modern and ancient biogeochemical cycling on Earth (and beyond).

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maureen-feinemanMaureen Feineman | The Pennsylvania State University

Assistant Professor & Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs

mdf12 (at) psu.edu

Research interests: I use igneous and metamorphic rocks to explore the history of plate tectonics and mantle processes on Earth. I am particularly interested in crust-mantle interactions as mediated by fluids and magmas.

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icon-chevron-right http://www.personal.psu.edu/mdf12/Site/Maureen%20Feineman.html

Matthew J. Kohn | Boise State University

University Distinguished Professor

mattkohn (at) boisestate.edu

Research interests: I study: (a) Metamorphic petrology and high-temperature geochemistry, aimed at using metamorphic records to understand convergent tectonic processes, and (b) Stable isotopes and low-temperature geochemistry, aimed at understanding records from fossil teeth of the processes of terrestrial paleoclimatic and paleoecological change.

icon-chevron-right https://earth.boisestate.edu/mattkohn/

sarahSarah C. Penniston-Dorland | University of Maryland

Associate Professor

sarahpd (at) umd.edu

Research interests: My research focuses on high-temperature petrology and geochemistry, with specific goals of understanding subduction-related fluids and the tectonic history of subduction-related metamorphic rocks. I collect field data and the analytical tools that I use include the electron microprobe, in situ trace element analysis of minerals, and stable and radiogenic isotope analysis of oxygen, carbon, lithium, osmium, and sulfur in rocks and minerals.

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Andrew Smye

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Brad Hacker

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Ethan Baxter | Boston College


ethan.baxter (at) bc.edu

Research interests: I am interested in the timescales of broad tectonic processes including mineral growth, fluid production, heating, burial, and exhumation. Our lab specializes in the use of garnet geochronology integrated with other geochemical and petrologic data to constrain the dates, rates, and durations of these processes.

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Frieder Klein

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Mark Caddick

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International Senior Personnel

philippe_agardPhilippe Agard | UPMC (University P.M. Curie, “Paris 6”)

  • Professor (Metamorphic petrology, Tectonics, Geodynamics)
  • PI of the ZIP project

philippe.agard (at) upmc.fr

Research interests: My research focuses on subduction/obduction processes in several key localities (Alps, Iran, Oman, Turkey, Betics, Tianshan,…), on the exhumation of HP rocks and, more largely, on regional tectonics/geodynamics.

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icon-chevron-right http://www.zip-itn.eu/

icon-chevron-right http://www.journals.elsevier.com/tectonophysics

sam_angiboustSamuel ANGIBOUST | Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France

  • Assistant professor


Research interests: I am studying the field metamorphic record of subduction interface processes including fluid flow, deformation, seismicity and long term dynamics.

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timm_johnTimm John | Institut for Geological Science, Freie Universität Berlin

Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology


Research interests: Subduction zone processes with a special emphasize on the fluid flow in and through crystalline rocks and the chemical and mechanical consequences of fluid-rock interaction

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cesar_raneroCésar R. Ranero | ICREA at CSIC

Research Professor


Research interests: My research interest is focused on the study of the structure of the lithosphere to understand geological processes at subduction zones, rifted continental margins and oceanic spreading centers.  I primarily work on the analysis, processing, and imaging of seismic data. I integrate seismic images and other geophysical observations with geological data to study the tectonic and magmatic processes that lead to the formation of oceanic lithosphere at spreading centers and the rift architecture of continental margins. I also study tectonic processes at convergent plate boundaries, where my interest has been centered on the relations between long-term tectonics and fluids in the incoming oceanic and overriding plates. I am particularly interested on the processes that govern the generation of earthquakes at subduction zones

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icon-chevron-right http://www.barcelona-csi.cmima.csic.es

icon-chevron-right http://gma.icm.csic.es

Anne Verlaguet

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Taras Gerya

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Carlos Garrido

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Marco Scambelluri

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Horst Marschall

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E-FIRE Advisory Board

Jay Ague | Yale University

  • Henry Barnard Davis Memorial Professor of Geology & Geophysics


Othmar Müntener | Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Lausanne

  • Professeur ordinaire



Roberta Rudnick | University of California Santa Barbara

  • Professor



Philippe Agard

Samuel Angiboust

Marco Scambelluri

Maureen Feineman

Matthew Kohn

Sarah Penniston-Dorland