ExTerra – White Paper

White paper submitted to the National Science Foundation GeoPRISMS Program by:exterra_szo_wordcloud
  • Maureen Feineman (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • Sarah Penniston-Dorland (University of Maryland)
  • Jay Ague (Yale University)
  • Olivier Bachmann (University of Washington)
  • Ethan Baxter (Boston University)
  • Gray Bebout (Lehigh University)
  • George Bergantz (University of Washington)
  • Susan DeBari (Western Washington University)
  • Henry Dick (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
  • Mihai Ducea (University of Arizona)
  • Oliver Jagoutz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Peter Kelemen (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
  • Horst Marschall (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
  • Jeffrey Ryan (University of South Florida)
  • Brian Savage (University of Rhode Island)
  • John Shervais (Utah State University)
  • Harold Stowell (University of Alabama)

1. Introduction
2. Target areas
3. Fostering Interdisciplinary Communication
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