Eastern North American Margin (ENAM) Primary Site

Raw and processed multi-channel seismic (MCS) reflection data and underway geophysical data collected offshore North Carolina and Virginia aboard the R/V Langseth in Sept-Oct 2014 as a part of the GeoPRISMS Eastern North American Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment are now available for download. Here are links to each of these datasets.

The Eastern North American Margin (ENAM) represents the final product of continental rifting to form a passive margin, and records the full history of rift evolution and post-rift processes. The ENAM encompasses large variations in fundamental rift parameters, including the volume of magmatism, the pre-existing lithospheric template, and the duration of rifting. In particular, rifting along the southeastern United States was associated with voluminous magmatism, whereas the northernmost portion of this margin offshore of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland is distinctly magma-poor. ENAM also captures an extensive post-rift evolution of the passive margin sedimentary prism as well as the cooling and further evolution of the mantle lithosphere below. Finally, there are further compelling logistical benefits to studying ENAM, including the leveraging of considerable US infrastructure, including Earthscope (in particular, upcoming USArray deployments), and the USGS Law of the Sea survey activities.

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