[Update April 25, 2016] NSF has just released the new GeoPRISMS solicitation:

New target date: July 26 (for 2016 only).

The most notable changes are:
  • target date: July 26
  • this revision updates the “Continued Community Input and Phased Funding Model” section
  • the submission of letters for Postdoctoral Fellow proposals is simplified
  • this revision adds a requirement to contact a Program Officer prior to submitting a RAPID proposal.

Please note that any proposal submitted in response to this solicitation should be submitted in accordance with the revised NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedure Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 16-1), which is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after January 25, 2016.

Questions should be directed to PO Jennifer Wade:; (703) 292-4739 or Maurice Tivey:; (703) 292-7710

[Updated April 18, 2015] NSF has just released the new GeoPRISMS solicitation:

The deadline for proposals has been adjusted to July 15 (for 2015 only).

The most notable changes are:
– the deadline is pushed back to July 15
– the solicitation mentions the potential for field support in Alaska in summer 2016
– postdoc support letters can now be directly uploaded OR emailed to one of the Program Officers
– individuals not associated with an institution can no longer submit proposals
Questions should be directed to PO Jennifer Wade:; 703.292.4739 or Donna Blackman:; (703) 292-7978

[Updated May 28, 2014] The NSF GeoPRISMS Program Announcement is available for your review. Please note, NSF has revised the solicitation, providing important instructions regarding the “NSF GeoPRISMS deadline update and logistical support for Aleutian fieldwork” (see below).  You can access the revised solicitation HERE. GeoPRISMS proposals will have a deadline of August 1 in 2014 (for 2014 only), and July 1 every year thereafter. GeoPRISMS Post-Doctoral Fellowship proposals are also welcome. Please see instructions for the post-doctoral program here. Note that proposals submitted to GeoPRISMS will be subject to the new NSF data management requirements, as well as the new GeoPRISMS Data Policy.

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