Gordon Conference on deep carbon science, June 17-22, 2018

Dear colleagues,

Please consider attending the upcoming Gordon Research Conference: Deep Carbon Science in the Context of Geologic Time, June 17-22.  This conference will explore the evolution of deep carbon in Earth’s biological and nonbiological reservoirs over 4.6 billion years. Topics include how carbon is incorporated into a growing planet and how early planetary processes mediate carbon transfers. We will then turn to the evolution of carbon reservoirs in the first billion years of Earth history, and explore early deep life, the population of terrestrial niches, the challenges that were overcome, and the feedbacks and interactions between the geosphere and the biosphere. The final phase of the conference will address the carbon cycle and how it has evolved through time. A goal of the conference is to engage a diverse and interdisciplinary group of Earth scientists, planetary scientists, and geobiologists.

Attendees will include a mix of leading junior and senior scientists. The conference will provide opportunities for junior scientists to present their work in poster format and exchange ideas with leaders in the field. In addition to programmed discussion sessions, Gordon Conferences provide a collegial, open atmosphere, and opportunities for informal gatherings in the afternoons, evenings and during meals. They are ideal for scientists from different disciplines to initiate cross-disciplinary collaborations in the various research areas represented.

We anticipate that there will be funds to assist with student travel and registration fees.

The link for the conference is: https://www.grc.org/deep-carbon-science-conference/2018/

Attendance is limited, so early registrations are encouraged.

Hope to see you at the conference,

Craig Manning, Isabelle Daniel, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Ed Young