GeoPRISMS Newsletter Available: Spring 2016

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Special issue – 2015 Community Platform in the Aleutians!

In the summer of 2015, three teams of academic researchers along with scientists from the USGS & AVO set off on unprecedented coordinated research in the Aleutian Islands. They shared ship and helicopter time aboard the Maritime Maid, a helicopter-capable research vessel that traveled along more than 800 miles of volcanic arc, from Dutch Harbor in the east to Buldir Island in the west, transporting scientists and equipment on and off the islands. Combining “Reports from Field” from the GeoPRISMS scientists who took part in the field campaign to the Aleutians, this issue of the GeoPRISMS newsletter covers the excitement, trials, opportunities, and challenges the researchers experienced by deploying activities in such unique and remote geological settings.

This edition also includes:
     • NSF Update and Solicitation
     • Distinguished Lectureship Program Speakers 2016-2017
     • GeoPRISMS Data Portal Status Report
     • Recent GeoPRISMS NSF Awards
     • GSOC Highlights – Spring 2016

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