Invitation from organizers, GeoPRISMS Aleutian Logistics Workshop

hello everyone,

If you used to work in the Aleutians, please return. If you ever hoped to work in the Aleutians, please start now.
We are pleased to invite you to apply to attend the GeoPRISMS Aleutian Logistics Workshop,
Fillmore ABC, Grand Hyatt San Francisco,
345 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, December 8, 2013, 12:40 – 6:00 pm

Space may be limited, but we will try to accommodate as many participants as possible.

More information, a tentative agenda, and registration information are available on the GeoPRISMS website at

Participants at the workshop will develop ways share logistical costs among investigators, and to share resources with international collaborators, so that as many investigators as possible can work on the Aleutian arc while it is a GeoPRISMS focus area. If you think this is a good idea, please come. We need your help. Also, it will be important to demonstrate to funding agencies that shared resources will be efficiently used by a large number of scientists. Ideally, the maximum number of participants will be attained, but not exceeded. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY, HELP US SPREAD THE WORD, AND PLAN TO ARRIVE WITH LAT/LON OF TWO HIGH PRIORITY SITES IN THE ALEUTIANS.

In addition to organizing logistics in this remote part of the planet, we are hoping to recapture the excitement of RIDGE and MARGINS, with lots of talented people working on a common set of fundamental problems.
Please feel free to direct questions about the Workshop to me or other members of the organizing committee. Please direct questions about proposals for Aleutian field work to NSF GeoPRISMS Program Directors Bilal Haq (, Jennifer Wade (, and Jim Beard (

Best wishes,

Best wishes,
Peter Kelemen

on behalf of the coordinating committee for the Workshop:

Geoff Abers, past MARGINS Chair <>
Jeff Freymueller <>
Peter Haeussler <>
Steve Holbrook <>
Brian Jicha <>
Peter Kelemen <>
John Power <>
Gene Yogodzinski <>

Ex-officio members:

Peter van Keken, incoming GeoPRISMS Chair <>
Julia Morgan, outgoing GeoPRISMS Chair <>