Message from Tectonophysics OSPA Coordinators: In need of OSPA judges for AGU 2017!

Dear GeoPRISMS colleagues,

The AGU Tectonophysics group is still in great need of judges for their Outstanding Student Presentation Award. This year, we have over 200 students competing for this award (each requiring 3 judges each). So far, we have filled about ~85% of those spaces, but we still need ~100 more spaces filled!

There are several very large sessions in Tectonophysics that are struggling to fill all of their judging spaces for the OSPA students, of which many are particularly applicable to the GeoPRISMs community.  Some of these large sessions that are still in need of 5 or more judges include:

  • Subduction Top To Bottom (with A Caribbean Flavor)
  • Subduction Dynamics Across the Scales
  • The Influence of Fault Zone Structure on Plate Boundary Tectonics and Earthquakes
  • Multidisciplinary Approaches to Outstanding Questions in Andean Tectonics
  • Himalayan Earthquakes: Observations Processes and Tectonics
  • Extensional Tectonics in the Basins and Ranges and Aegean Regions
  • Eastern North American Margin: Multidisciplinary Studies Posters
  • Alpine-Meditteranean Investigations: Geology Geophysics and Geochemistry

Any AGU member with a PhD is eligible to judge these student presentations!  The only restrictions are that the judge cannot be well-acquainted with the student and they cannot work at the same institution as the student. Judges are able to sign up at this website:

Thank you for your dedication to our students,

Erica Emry (and Jolante van Wijk)
Tectonophysics OSPA coordinators